OzU Rover Team was established in 2014 under the leadership of Mehmet Can Yıldırım, our Mechanical Engineering student, with the support of Assistant Prof. Ozkan Bebek, a member of our Faculty of Engineering. Among the team’s founding members were our students Barış Balcı, Sercan Aydoğdu, Nisan Kuzuluk, Alp Yıldırım, Emre Kaan Çiçek, Oğuzhan Dalgıç, Canay Demir, Sena Şevval İnan, Ali Yaşar, Arjen Kılıç, Batıkan Özgür, Begüm Sunal, Can Evyapan, Deniz Kurt, Yağız Atasoy and Yılmaz Hıdıroğlu.

OzU Rover Team was founded to conduct research and participate in competitions in the field of robotics. Today, the team boast being the first Turkish team that has ever been admitted to an international intercollegiate competition in the field of space robotics.

OzU Rover Team advanced to the finals, overcoming two prior elimination rounds, and competed in the finals in Poland as the only Turkish team.

OzU Rover Team Hopes to Be A Source of Inspiration for New Mars Rovers
OzU Rover Team aims to develop new ideas and continuously improve its rover designs to be a source of inspiration for future Mars Rovers. To this end, the team continuously participates in international competitions to share its new designs. The development of each rover gives students opportunities to specialize in their respective fields. Additionally, future engineers learn how to work with students from different engineering disciplines within multi-disciplinary teams. Today, with their autonomous movement capabilities and strong structure designed to withstand harsh and hostile conditions, rovers continue to explore Mars.

Rovers were first used by the Soviet Union to explore the Moon’s surface. They were originally built as sample-collecting devices with a driving mechanism.  Their structure may vary depending on the environment in which they are intended to operate.

The first intercollegiate rover competition was University Rover Challenge, which was organized by Mars Society in 2007. The objective of rover competitions is to allow students to  design rovers with working principles similar to those actual rovers assisting astronauts in a space mission. European Rover Challenge is the biggest space and robotics open-air event in Europe. The challenge was first organized in 2014 by the European Space Foundation under the auspices of organizations including the European Space Agency (ESA).